How to Get Rid of Fear of Driving Car

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no fear drivingDoes the thought of driving to the shopping center to meet your friends give you anxiety?

Having anxiety while driving is normal when you’re just learning to drive and it usually goes away with time. However, it’s not healthy if you know how to drive well but, still get knots in your stomach and sweaty hands while you’re in the driver seat.

You may have tried going to a therapist, and even getting on medication—all to no avail.

So, how to get rid of fear of driving car?

In this article, we’ll go through how your brain got tricked into thinking that driving is something to be feared, and how to get confidence in driving without ever feeling anxious again.

Let’s begin.

Your Brain Got Tricked Into Thinking That Driving is Dangerous

When you sit on the driver’s seat of your car, what do you feel?

Your palms may get sweaty; your heart might start racing, you might feel a lump forming in your throat…

I could go on.

You’ve probably felt this in other situations as well.

Situations that are dangerous.

Your sympathetic nervous system gets activated when your brain perceives that you’re in danger. This also activates your body’s fight or flight response.

Fear is a sign that you’re intelligent because it is through fear that the human race survived and thrived.

Your Fear is a Conditioned Response

Fear is good.

But, misdirected fear isn’t.

Somehow, your brain got tricked into thinking that driving was something that’s dangerous to your survival. So, your brain tries to protect you whenever you’re driving by telling you that you need to get out of the situation as soon as you can.

The fear of driving isn’t an innate or natural response.

Thanks to evolution, our brains are good at warning us about things that are actually dangerous and potentially life-threatening. This includes fear of reptiles such as snakes, heights, water bodies, etc.

Fear of driving, however, something that you’ve learned or picked up through experience.

It is what you call a conditioned response.

How You’re Reinforcing Your Anxiety!

Every time you get behind the wheel, you make your fear of driving even stronger.

You must be familiar with the phrase ‘use it or lose it.’

A guitarist loses his ability to pluck the strings precisely or play some chords when out of practice, a dancer may not be able to do a splits if they haven’t danced in a while, a singer may not be able to sing a high note if they haven’t been practicing.

These people may be able to do these things in the past.

However, they can’t anymore because the neural pathways that were formed in the brain haven’t been retained thanks to the lack of practice.

How is this relevant to driving?

You strengthen the neural pathways in your brain that make you think driving is dangerous whenever you’re driving.

So, if you think that driving more often will help you get rid of your fear, you’re wrong because you’re actually doing the opposite!

You’re reinforcing it.

Driving Phobia Treatment that WORKS!

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive therapy that might not even work.

You certainly don’t need to go on medication to overcome your fear.

All you need to do is to train your brain and change the neural pathways that are holding you back.

You can take back control of your life, and do all the normal things like picking your kids up from school, enjoying a road trip, meeting up with friends at the mall, etc. without having anxiety and panic attacks.

The R.O.A.D. Technique is Effective!

The R.O.A.D. Technique™ is a part of the Driving Fear Program developed by Rich Presta and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Cheryl Lane.

driving fear programThe program is designed to help you completely eliminate your fear of driving.

  • Without putting you on addictive and danger medicine
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This is a long-term solution.

Once your fear is gone, it won’t come back.

You, too, can enjoy driving if you train your brain and change the neural pathways using this program. And, they offer a 60-day money back guarantee!

This technique will help you:

  • Understand what you’re really afraid of and tackle it and not have scary and irrational thoughts while driving
  • How you’re making your fear stronger, and what you can do to about it
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  • Figure out five patterns of faulty thinking and how to avoid them

It’s a technique like no other!

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You don’t have to be afraid, embarrassed, and ashamed of yourself.

Your brain has learned to be afraid of driving.

And, it can unlearn it with the right tools and techniques. You don’t have to invest in expensive sessions of therapy that may not even end up working or take dangerous medication to overcome your anxiety.

You, too, can get liberated!

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