Overcoming Fear of Driving Over Bridges

Do you feel unusually nervous while driving over bridges?

fear driving over bridgeWhile high and mighty bridges may make for great infrastructural landscapes and exemplary connectivity, it can be a cause of severe anxiety for many.

When it comes to fear of driving or related fears, fear of driving on bridges ranks close to the most common fears, fear of driving on highways.

While any kind of fear and phobia can be terrifying, fear of driving on bridges is particularly overwhelming for many, as it happens as a result of cumulative factors.

People who fear heights as well as driving in challenging places, have to drive on bridges, they often experience anxiety and panic attacks.

If not treated at the right time, this fear can grow into something more intense that can have serious consequences while driving.

In this article, we’ll answer the question, “how to overcome fear of heights while driving?” in detail.

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Panic Attacks Driving on Bridge: What Are You Fighting Against?

Before waging any war, it is extremely necessary to know the strength of your opponent.

To tone down the dramatics a bit, when you decide to overcome a particular fear, you need first to understand exactly what you are fighting.

Is it just fear of driving, or is it your fear of heights that is causing you to feel anxious when driving over bridges?

A lot of factors may be playing a role at such times and to overcome your fear for good, you need to educate yourself about the same.

This section of the blog post will clear a few concepts about fear of driving over bridges.

Psychologists widely define Gephyrophobia as an “abnormal and persistent fear of crossing bridges.

These bridges, although are a convenient way out of traffic, may cause several fears.

These fears may arise due to an underlying fear of heights since most bridges are at a considerable height to ensure connectivity across a water body or bustling traffic.

If a person is already Acrophobic, it can easily convert to Gephyrophobia.

Another factor that can cause a cumulative effect on the fear of driving over bridges is claustrophobia.

Better known as the fear of confined places, drivers with this phobia may feel trapped inside a car when driving over bridges as the feeling of having nowhere else to go sinks in.

This is similar to what happens when a person experiences extreme fear of driving on highways or freeways. Once you take the bridge, you can’t get off.

People with even mild anxiety problems can feel trapped and therefore, unusually stressed, causing panic and confusion.

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Hold your breaths as we move on to introduce to you, the permanent way to get rid of your fear of driving in this section of the article.

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Do It Yourself

While the program will work miracles on your perceptions of driving, you need to make some efforts on your own. Training your brain to not fear something is both difficult and time-consuming.

So here are a few tips you can follow meanwhile, on your ‘bridge’ to success!

Having someone with you while you are still coping with your fears can help.

Not only a trusted person can motivate you, but you can also feel a sense of security, in case something happens.

Talking about security, your mind feels secure when it is well aware. It will always feel insecure in an unknown surrounding.

Therefore, studying the bridge that you are going to cross, knowing how long it is going to be and other details can add extra security to your mind.

It is important to remember to calm down your mind.

For that, you can stop just before you enter the bridge, take deep breaths and maybe give yourself a pep talk. Look at other drivers smoothly passing through, focus on the scenery and maybe add some music for feels.

Basically, feel comfortable.

It’s not uncommon, and it’s a gradual process.

You are not alone, and there is no need to hurry. There’s a whole lot of confidence at the end of the bridge after all!

Oh, now you can thank us.

Just kidding. But do share your experience with the program as well as about your war against driving fears.

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