How To Drive On The Highway Without Fear

Fear of Driving on HighwayHave you ever experienced your heartbeat accelerate and vehicle speed decelerate just before you decide to enter a highway? You may be experiencing the fear of driving on the highway.

We feel you!

Fear of merging on highway is a common form of anxiety that plagues a considerable section of society.

So much so, that fear of driving has become an altogether different psychological arena to focus on!

While it may be more common in new drivers, getting on the highway between the long stretch of roads and speeding huge vehicles can be pretty terrifying for many.

That’s where you need help, and this is where we enter.

This blog post will guide you through your battle against this fear, and so you don’t have to face the panic attack while driving on freeway.

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Where Is This Fear of Driving on the Highway Stemming from?

Though a huge number of cases of anxiety deal with fears and panic while driving, the most common fear that’s pointed out is on highways.

For some reason, highways and freeways tend to intimidate even experienced drivers, increase the stress while driving and trigger such panic attacks.

This section of the article will help you understand why exactly this is happening.

The popularly conceived belief about the fear of driving on highways is that the high speed is what frightens. Top speed, multiple times huge vehicles, crashing into yours, or you ending up thrashed are some theories that may stress the drivers.

But the reality is pretty different.

The factors mentioned above count, however, the most nagging fear in the mind of any driver turns out to be the fear of getting stuck.

As mundane as it sounds, having nowhere to get off is one of the highest-ranking subconscious fears in the minds of drivers.

You may think you’re all grown up, getting stuck or lost in this age of technology can’t possibly be the primary reason for panic and anxiety. Right?

Very wrong.

It’s a human tendency to get stressed in situations where you lose control.

When you enter highways, you know there’s going to be a very long stretch with no escape, just one direction that you have to stick to, until the road decides it has had enough.

That’s where you lose control, and that’s where your panic strikes.

Why Highways Are Safer!

While crashing is the scenario that tensed drivers tend to imagine the most, logic and statistics tell a different story. This section of the blog will make you realize, how the thing you fear the most, is safe.

Let’s think logically.

What is the cause of a major number of accidents?

Unpleasant surprises!

A vehicle coming from nowhere, an unexpected turn, sudden application of brakes, are common reasons that can be the cause of accidents.

But isn’t the probability of these circumstances being created on regular urban roads, much higher than that on a straight highway?

Which means, a straight, turnless, halt-less highway becomes much more crash-free than you think!

Now let’s have a look at the statistics!

Federal transportation data have consistently shown that highways are much safer while local urban roads are much more accident prone. In the sense that, more accidents are recorded on the interstate or local roads than on highways and freeways.

So now you know highways aren’t as scary as you imagined!

But we understand, despite this understanding, your brain may try to mess up your practicality when you’re on an intersection, deciding against taking that highway.

How to Drive on the Highway Without Fear

Push yourself.

The first step to overcome your fear of freeways driving is accepting that you need help and pushing yourself to get the required treatment done.

It may be as simple as psychological therapy or a dedicated schedule of practice sessions with experienced drivers.

This section of the blog will take you through ways in which you can beat the fear of merging on highways and freeways!

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Panic Attack While Driving on Freeway: What to do?

Besides the above mentioned one-stop solution driving fear program, there are few things that you can do to help yourself gradually overcome the fear of merging on highways.

1. Steady those beats

Any anxiety or panic attack strikes with your heart rate shooting up.

The first and foremost thing that you can do to help yourself is learning to steady those heartbeats.

Create different pressure situations for yourself that will accelerate your pulse and then learn to take control by practicing breathing or counting exercises.

This will not only help to prevent anxiety on freeways but also other stress-triggering situations.

2. Practice With Someone Experienced

Having someone experienced in driving on freeways and someone you can trust and rely on, is another way to ensure your brain that everything is going to be alright.

It is like dividing the responsibility of your safety with someone who can take care of you, in case you mess up.

You may start with feeling comfortable driving on highways along with them until you gain the confidence of driving alone.

3. Drive Through the Sunrise

Not literally, though!

Early mornings are an ideal time to get on the roads with the least concerns of traffic and speed crashes.

Take the lesser used freeways to practice first, so that all you need to care about is your car speed and your heart speed!

Come to Love Your Fear

It might sound unbelievable to you, but once you have overcome your fear, there’s no better road a driver loves to drive on, than a freeway.

Once you have learned how to overcome your fear of highways, once you get rid of the panic attacks while driving on freeways, it won’t be long before you fall in love with those drives.

Admire the beauty, the fresh air, the congestion free long roads and the independence of your driving, and fall in love with what you once feared!

If this blog helped you gain your confidence back, or the driving fear program has helped you in any way, don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!

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